In the history of this country, political forces wax and wane. Now with us fast approaching the third decade of this century is seems yet again we must flirt with "Nanny State" governance.The future of our young people is being threatened by the political dogma of a past failed political movement. Currently in NZ (2019) we have a coalition ship of fools in power, that find it politically adroit to demonetize 4% of the population to curry favour with the rest.
They see value in spending money on select committees., (Hundreds of them) which really only reward the party faithful, by inviting them to the governmental pig trough, extolling them to prolong the process, thus rewarding them further.
We have a self appointed self inflated buffoon dishing out money that seeks to create a fake narrative by labelling well meant protest as "Just red-necks", which begs to be reported to the race relations conciliator.
This page will from time to time display or contain links to topics and issues that I either find funny, interesting, or of political farcical nonsense .... I should point out that my own politics is Right of centre, more a practical "green" than the virtue signalling mob in power in Wellington. I am a supporter of 50 Shades of Green, a Facebook page with a simple message ... "The right tree in the right place", which is laying bare the cynical politics of Arderns Govt. They are by no means a bunch of rednecks, they champion a particularly "practical message" that this government, in their dogged pursuit of mediocre governance choose to ignore with seeming unintelligent fervency.
I make no apology for posting this content, which predominantly links back to the original article. As a citizen of a free nation I hereby exercise my right to free speech. I also choose to type it out and share my views with other free people by way of web page sharing.

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