October 2010 ... I became a full time admin employee for an irrigation company based in Central Otago NZ..... Nearly 7 years as a Store Supervisor for them resulted in a solid grounding in Irrigation project material logistics.
In July 2017 ... I returned to the vineyard industry, seeking more time and the benefits to my health of working in the field. Initially offering contract services, I became immersed in just one clients day to day operations. It has been a refreshing change, and revitalised my passion for the winegrape industry in Central Otago. I am enjoying the familiar environs and vineyards of Central Otago, and applying both the practical experience of the past with the organisational disciplines acquired recently in providing solid and dependable service hopefully for a good many years tocome.
SmittyBits ... Is an old idea with a new name. This website and its many incarnations over the years, has become a simple web presence for contact Information and to showcase some of the hobbies and interests that I indulge myself in from time to time. That indulgence in many ways has honed a capable tech servicing ability, mainly in low voltage data gathering type hardware, and more often than not patching and improving on someone else's parcially working one off build. The link to the page called SmittyBits leads to example projects that could be called a hobby interest in cheap, very small; usually ESP8266 or Arduino wifi connected environment sensors. The intention is to show how cheaply and easily built dependable environment sensors can be implemented using modern IoT hardware and access. I have dabbled and sweated over these things for many years, and with the advent of much simpler devices for prototyping, devices for what is now called The Internet of Things has become an ever more useful skill. All those little projects, I refer to them as SmittyBits .... (there are several in various states of unfinished mayhem my workbench) ... some have succumbed to the magic smoke of cruel inventive misadventure ... some from time to time will even upload data as programmed that might even, given the good grace and nebulous instincts of cloud data appear on this website ...
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