SmittyBits will launch the spring of 2017 .... look out for a useful channel for supply of all those other bits needed in your low voltage projects

The story so far ...

About October 2010 I became a full time admin employee for an irrigation company based in Central Otago NZ.
Fast forward to 2017 and after implementation of their new ERP system, the roles at the company were scaled back resulting in my being offered and accepting a role as a low voltage lifestyle technician in the growing sector of lifestyle blocks and vineyards, with a supporting technical role in the expanding water metering and telemetry area of their business.
One of the irritating things about that role was the lack of supply of ready to use consumables, like crimp joiners, heat-shrink, panel pins, DIN Rail etc etc, a long list of small parts in small grab pack sized containers suitable to fit in a tool kit. An idea has been kindled, and currently as I prepare to leave the irrigation company, to work on some health issues I have begun sourcing those very same useful little bits. Not expecting it to be a bread winner, but I do know it will solve a regular supply issue for a lot of trade techs out there.

SmittyBits ...the idea

This website and its many incarnations over the years, has become a simple web presence for contact Information and to showcase some of the hobbies and interests that I indulge myself in from time to time. That indulgence in many ways has honed a capable tech servicing ability, mainly in low voltage data gathering type hardware, and more often than not someone else s botched one off build. The link to the page called SmittyBits leads to some of the current projects that could be called a hobby interest in cheap, very small; usually ESP8266 or Arduino wifi connected environment sensors. I have dabbled and sweated over these things for many years, and with the advent of much simpler devices for prototyping, devices for what is now called "The IoT" has become an ever more useful skill.

All those little projects, I call SmittyBits .... there are several on my workbench ... some have succumbed to the magic smoke of cruel inventive misadventure ... some from time to time will even upload data as programmed that might even, given the good grace and nebulous instincts of cloud data appear on this website ... ٩◔̯◔۶ .