About October 2010 I became a full time employee of Waterforce NZ Ltd as a store-man in Cromwell Central Otago NZ.
Fast forward to 2017 and after a successful implementation of a new ERP system, the store admin roles at Cromwell were scaled back resulting in my being offered and accepting a role as lifestyle technician in the growing sector of lifestyle blocks and vineyards with a supporting technical role in the expanding water metering area of their business.

This website and its many incarnations over the years, has become a simple web presence for contact Information and to make available and showcase some of the hobbies and interests that I am involved in from time to time. Do enjoy the SmittyBits which is a blossoming hobby interest in cheap, very small; usually ESP8266 or Arduino wifi connected environment sensors. They are my SmittyBits .... there are several on my workbench ... and in time they will be available on this website ... just got to find my soldering bolt .... :-)